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  • John White

    • John White

      CTO of tyGraph and Evangelist with AvePoint.

      John P White is the CTO of tyGraph and Evangelist at AvePoint. He holds a Master’s degree in Engineering from the University of Guelph and has been a Microsoft MVP since 2010 and a dual MVP since 2018 in both Microsoft Apps and Services and Data Platform.  He has spent far too long (since 1990) in the Information Technology space, and possesses a skill set that spans both architecture and development. He has been instrumental in delivering projects and applications that have been recognized with both local and global awards from Microsoft and IBM.  John has accumulated a plethora of legacy technologies over the years like Novell, Lotus Notes and Java, and of course Microsoft technologies. This experience has proven invaluable when architecting systems. Over the past decade, he has been focused on the Microsoft collaborative and data platforms and is a frequent speaker on these topics.  He blogs as actively as possible at the White Pages and is the co-host of the weekly which covers the Microsoft business intelligence space. John lives in the country just outside of Guelph, Canada. He is the father of 3 boys, is an avid scuba diver, gardener, and photographer, both under and above the water (but mostly under).

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