Seattle, WA

Monday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM · Room 602:603

Build Your Skills: Microsoft 365 Essentials for Beginners

Nate Chamberlain

Nate Chamberlain

Microsoft MVP and MCT

Unlock the power of Microsoft 365 in this comprehensive workshop tailored for beginners. Delve into the core components of OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams, understanding their distinct roles and how they work in tandem to boost productivity. We'll explore key functionalities like document co-authoring, file sharing, managing access, and the unique document lifecycle within these platforms.

Along the way, learn to navigate the diverse terrain of other Microsoft 365 apps including Outlook, Planner, and To Do, enhancing both individual and team productivity. Understand the nuances of choosing the right tool for the right task, be it OneDrive for personal document management, SharePoint for organizational content, or Teams for collaborative projects. Attendees are encouraged to use their own devices and accounts to follow along, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of navigating and using Microsoft 365's capabilities confidently for effective communication and collaboration.

Monday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM · Room 604

Next level productivity with Microsoft Copilot

William Huneycutt

William Huneycutt

Upskill Tech

Are you looking to take your productivity to the next level? Microsoft Copilot will help you achieve just that! In this workshop, learn how Microsoft Copilot works across Microsoft 365. Discover how Copilot is integrated into Microsoft 365 to streamline your business processes, automate tasks, improve workflows, and increase productivity while saving time and effort.

Discover Microsoft 365 Chat, your powerful virtual assistant for work. Learn how Microsoft 365 Chat can help you catch up quickly, create content and brainstorm ideas, and get quick answers to your questions. Microsoft 365 Chat connects to your work data and apps to help you achieve more.

Deep Dive into Copilot for Microsoft 365 across pivotal apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. Discover how Copilot enhances your capabilities for document creation, data analysis, presentation design, email management, and note-taking. It’s your digital companion, optimizing each task, making daily operations smoother and unleashing new potentials for efficiency.

You'll discover how to use Copilot in Microsoft Teams to summarize meetings in real time or after they end, highlight the key discussion points, action items, and decisions. You can also ask Copilot questions to get more insights or suggestions during or after a meeting. Catch up on chats or channels quickly without having to scroll through long threads. Create content in chat or channels by asking Copilot to generate text or replies based on your prompt.

The future of the modern workplace is here! Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how Copilot for Microsoft 365 can help you achieve more with less effort! With hands-on exercises and practical tips, you'll leave the workshop with a solid understanding of how to use Copilot for Microsoft 365 to maximize your productivity.

Monday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM · Room 606

Microsoft 365 Purview: Maintaining and Protecting Your Data Throughout its Lifecycle

David Drever

David Drever

Microsoft 365 MVP - Compliance and M365 Specialist

Joanne Klein

Joanne Klein

Microsoft 365 Independent Consultant

In recent years, the amount of digital content moving to the cloud has been dramatic. No doubt, this has made collaboration easier and more versatile, but it's also brought with it a new set of problems, such as oversharing, exfiltration of data, and non-compliant destruction of data. Organizations like yours must ensure data is available when required and protected when sensitive.

In this workshop, your expert presenters will share their collective knowledge and experience with a deep dive into what Microsoft Purview can do, including coverage of features such as Data Lifecycle Management, Records Management, and Microsoft Information Protection.

But it's not all theory. You'll leave the workshop with their recommended approach for implementation using a Day 1/Day 2/Day 3 incremental model that maintains a balance between the user experience and the necessary protections for your organization.

Now's the time to ensure your data is safe from prying eyes. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from two of the best in the industry on exactly how to make that happen.

Monday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM · Room 607

Best Practices for Intranet Information Architecture: the key to unlocking AI’s full potential

Susan Hanley

Susan Hanley

Information Architect/Business Analyst

In this workshop, we will explore the basics of Information Architecture (IA) and its role in creating effective intranets using Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Viva Connections. We’ll talk about why IA is so important to AI – and how you can ensure that your intranet content can act as a valuable partner in your AI solutions. Whether you are just starting out or looking to improve your current intranet design, this workshop will provide you with the necessary tools and techniques to make the most of new and upcoming features, capabilities, and best practices.

We'll cover key topics including creating and organizing content, building site structures, creating metadata, and leveraging search functionality.

You will take away:

  • Approaches for planning navigation across the entire intranet and on individual sites
  • Tips and best practices for audiences, hubs, and home sites
  • Page design guidance that supports accessibility and great user experiences
  • Effective use of metadata on pages and documents – and whether it is OK to use folders to organize your content.
  • How to leverage Viva Connections to bring your intranet to your users in the flow of work – and how to plan audiences to ensure that the right tools and information gets to the right groups.
  • How Copilot can help your information architecture and vice versa.

You'll leave with a clear understanding of what IA is, why it matters, and how to get started with creating effective intranets that meet your organization's needs.

Monday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM · Room 608

Hands-On : Azure For Power Platform Developers Masterclass

Prashant G Bhoyar

Prashant G Bhoyar

Microsoft AI MVP, Microsoft Business Applications MVP, MCT, Cloud Solution Architect at AIS

Gartner predicts, “by 2024, over 65% of medium to large enterprises will have adopted a Low Code Application Platform as one of their strategic application platforms.” Microsoft Power Platform is a low-code platform for rapidly building customized end-to-end business solutions. It consists of five product areas: Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Copilot Studio, and Power Pages. Each area can be used individually or together. Thanks to a native integration with Azure, developers can use their cloud development skills to extend Microsoft Power Platform with different Azure services. With a low-code integrated development approach, business goals can be achieved faster and frees up time for the developers.

In this hands-on workshop, we will cover how to use Azure for custom development in Microsoft Platform services like Power Automate, Power Apps, Power Pages, Copilot Studio, Dataverse, and Power BI.

We will cover: • Microsoft Azure Key Concepts • How does Power Platform use Azure? • How can fusion teams take advantage of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power Platform? • Authentication and Authorization in Azure • Azure + Power Automate • Azure + Power Apps • Azure + Power Pages • Azure + Copilot Studio • Azure + Power BI • Azure + Dataverse • PowerFx • Copilots in Power Platform • Azure OpenAI + Power Platform • ChatGPT + Power Platform • What are Azure Functions? • What are Logic Apps? • What is Azure Bot Service? • How to create an enterprise-grade app using Azure and Microsoft Power Platform?

At the end of the workshop, attendees will have a working knowledge of Azure and how to use it to implement the customizations in the Microsoft Power Platform.

Access to Azure, Azure Open AI, Microsoft Power Platform ( Power Apps, Power Automate, Copilot Studio, and Power BI ) will be provided to create the customization. The target audience of this hands-on workshop is Developers, Power Users, and IT Pros who want to get into development.

Please note: Attendees will need to bring their laptops with internet access and modern browsers like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari. The tablets will not work.

You Will Learn:

  1. How to handle Authentication and Authorization in Azure?
  2. How does fusion teams can take advantages of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power Platform?
  3. How to create enterprise grade app using Azure and Microsoft Power Platform
Monday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM · Room 609

Power Platform Copilot In A Day

Daniel Christian

Daniel Christian

Microsoft Business Application MVP

Power Platform is Microsoft's low-code, cloud-based service to turn ideas into impactful, end-to-end services. With the Power Platform having been available for over 10 years, it is now an enterprise level, low code platform to build reports, apps, flows, chatbots and websites. For the first time ever you can build your own solution and make it available for you company users. This skill of building professional low code apps is in such high demand that makers have successfully made a career out of it.

However, in the last year Microsoft has infused AI Copilot into all their cloud services and this change has affected Power Platform as well, some might say, more so than other services. Hence join Daniel Christian, a Microsoft MVP and certified trainer as he gives you a good overview of the Power Platform family in a day including all the AI Copilot features plus the changes coming to two of their services.

Monday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM · Room 611

An Introduction to Microsoft 365 Tenant Administration

Sean McDonough

Sean McDonough

Solutions Architect, Consultant, and Microsoft MVP

So, you were just handed a Microsoft 365 (M365) tenant in the cloud. Congratulations are in order! Now that we’ve dispensed with the pleasantries, you’re probably wondering what the heck you’re supposed to do with that tenant. If so, you’re in luck, as this workshop is designed specifically for you and others who find themselves with the same basic question.

In this workshop, we approach M365 tenant administration from the perspective of someone who now has tenant administration responsibilities without necessarily knowing what that means or encompasses. We’ll spend some time learning the terminology, bounds, and different pieces of tenant administration.

We’ll also investigate how the admin experience is partially coupled to how your organization is licensed. We’ll cover what you need to do to establish your new tenant, and we’ll take a tour of the various admin surfaces available to M365 administrators.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll have a functional understanding of M365 administration and the tools you have available to implement your organization’s cloud vision.

Monday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM · Room 612

Power BI Bootcamp for SharePoint Professionals

Treb Gatte

Treb Gatte

Marquee Insights, make better, faster decisions with smarter data.


Need to create stunning dashboards from your SharePoint data?

Yes you do!

In this bootcamp, we’ll show you: • How should I approach my BI need? • What things should be considered when creating dashboards? • What are the best practices? • How much is this going to cost me to license? • What security aspects should concern me?

Who should take this course: If your company uses Office 365 or SharePoint 2013/2016 and you are a: • Manager • Business Analyst • Power User • SharePoint Administrator • Consultant

If you work in these areas, you will see value: • Marketing • Information Technology • Finance • Sales • Social Media

The class assumes no prior knowledge of Power BI and Data Concepts.

What is required for this class: Install Microsoft Power BI Desktop on your laptop (recommended but not required) We'll provide an Office 365 site for you to use for exercises

In this workshop you will: • Learn how to create Production Dashboards using Power BI, from SharePoint list and document library data • How to use Power BI in a multitude of situations, including ad hoc analysis and the creation of formal dashboard. • Learn the Power BI components: Power BI Desktop,, Power BI mobile applications and how they can be used with Office 365 and SharePoint • Receive an introduction into the core functions of Power BI; Data extraction, loading and transformation using Power Query Formula Language (“M”) and DAX. • Receive some guidelines on how to extract Project data in fast manner. • Discover some data modeling practices that will ensure you have maximum flexibility in analysis. You'll also learn some visualization best practices to ensure you can tell your digital story effectively • Learn best practices for maintaining content with your organization

This workshop provides an end to end view of Power BI for SharePoint reporting, so that you are able to use Power BI immediately for your needs.

Monday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM · Room 613:614

Advanced Power Apps and Power Automate: Workarounds for Common Problems

Paul Papanek Stork

Paul Papanek Stork

Don't Pa..Panic Consulting, Owner

Spend any amount of time in the Power Platform forums and you will begin to see a lot of similar questions asked over and over again.

In this workshop we will look at some of the most common issues Citizen Developers encounter when trying to develop applications and workflows in the Power Platform. We'll examine each type of problem, analyze why they occur, and provide workarounds that you can use when you encounter them.

The workshop will be divided into two parts. In the first we'll concentrate on Power Apps and in the second we'll look at Power Automate.

Here is a general list of the overall topics we will cover: • Morning: Power Apps ○ Delegation ○ Working with Dates and Times ○ Conditional Formatting of data ○ Passing Data to and Retrieving Results from a Flow • Afternoon: Power Automate ○ Using Conditions and Switches effectively ○ Handling Loops and Parallel Branches ○ Working with Large Data Sources ○ Implementing Error Checking/Correction ○ Improving Performance

Monday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM · Room 615:616

Power Apps and Power Automate (Flow) for M365/SharePoint Bootcamp

Daniel Glenn

Daniel Glenn

Microsoft MVP, Owner and Microsoft 365 Consultant at CollabFront

Wes Preston

Wes Preston

Founder and independent consultant working with platform alignment and no-code solutions with M365 and Power Apps

Work through a common business use case to see how Power Apps and Power Automate - and their Copilot capabilities - fit into your toolset extending M365, SharePoint, and Teams.

We'll start with some brief foundation info, dig in with demos, and then let you "take the wheel" walking through hands-on examples to build a solution as we work through the day building on top of Microsoft Lists.

You'll learn about the different types of Flows that can be used with Power Automate and will create basic Flows yourself. Then, see how Flows integrate with Power Apps you've built and the list data behind them. Your instructors will be there to assist throughout the day with your questions.

Attend this workshop to get a foothold with the Power Platform. Gain the skills you'll need to immediately start customizing your Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Teams sites with Power Apps and Power Automate.

Notes and Requirements: To participate in the hands-on portion of this workshop, attendees should bring a laptop computer. Attendees who bring tablets, even with keyboards, will likely experience difficulties in successfully completing the labs.

We will be using Power Apps, Power Automate, Microsoft Lists, Teams, SharePoint and other Microsoft 365 components in our labs. Attendees may choose to use a personally owned or corporate Microsoft 365 tenant. If not, please register for a free Microsoft 365 Developer tenant prior to the workshop here:

If you will be using a company-provided laptop and will not be using your corporate tenant, please verify that you are able to connect to the Microsoft 365 environment that you will be using prior to arrival.

Monday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM · Room 619:620

Driving employee engagement – A deep dive into Microsoft Viva, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams

Sarah Haase

Sarah Haase

Microsoft MVP | M365 enthusiast | Principal Product Manager | User adoption advocate

Hybrid and remote work are the new normal, but work trends indicate the greatest challenges are a sense of community, connection, relationship-building, and inspiration. This full-day workshop explores how Microsoft Viva, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams come together to foster company culture, unlock communication and engagement opportunities, organize content, and spark employee creativity.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Empower your leaders to share news, drive strategic changes, and openly dialogue with employees
  • Foster connections & conversations with Viva Engage- Organize your content and intranet with an array of modern SharePoint sites & hubs
  • Visualize your information architecture with mind-maps
  • Build your Viva Connections implementation strategy

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