Seattle, WA

Friday 12:30 PM - 1:40 PM · Room 606

Copilot for Power Platform : Accelerating your Development with AI

Paul Papanek Stork

Paul Papanek Stork

Don't Pa..Panic Consulting, Owner

Microsoft is adding AI support to the Power Platform low code development platforms called Copilot. You can use Copilot to help build your next App or Flow.

Using Copilot you can use natural language to describe what you are trying to build. Copilot will return a suggested design for the app, flow, or Dataverse tables which you can then use.

Copilot will also help you along the way by suggesting modifications to improve your formulas. Copilot won't replace you as a Citizen Developer, but it will help you produce amazing apps and powerful flows in a fraction of the time.


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