Seattle, WA

Thursday 12:40 PM - 1:50 PM · Room 612

Learn How to Govern and Secure Microsoft 365 with SharePoint Advanced Management

Antonio Maio

Antonio Maio

Protiviti - Managing Director & Enterprise Architect

Microsoft SharePoint Premium brings together a set of key capabilities for better governing Microsoft SharePoint Online and OneDrive as well as securing collaboration within Microsoft 365. This is in addition to the Content Ai capabilities that SharePoint Premium has brought to our SharePoint Online environments.

In this session we'll walk through and demonstrate each of the capabilities within SharePoint Advanced Management (SAM) and discuss real-world scenarios where you can restrict access to sensitive sites and content, run data governance reports to gain insight on where your organization may have risk, and look at the advanced features for managing content lifecycle.

We'll also share insights into the licenses needed to take advantage of each feature. Join us to discover the Microsoft SharePoint Premium - SharePoint Advanced Management features.


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