Seattle, WA

Thursday 12:40 PM - 1:50 PM · Room 611

An end-to-end look at SharePoint Premium Content Processing

Joanne Klein

Joanne Klein

Microsoft 365 Independent Consultant

SharePoint Premium is a big step forward for Content Services in Microsoft 365 by providing the ability to integrate AI into the flow of work. Unstructured content is being produced at an alarming rate in modern workplaces today and organizations need a way to improve the effectiveness of business processes surrounding it.

SharePoint Premium's content processing capabilities help by automatically classifying content, extracting metadata, improving search, enhancing knowledge sharing, and applying appropriate governance controls. SharePoint Premium is this and so much more!

To demonstrate, Joanne Klein will walk through a live demo of building and training an Unstructured Document Processing model in SharePoint as well as the additional capabilities it provides once classified.

The walkthrough will cover setup, training, deployment, and some of the "extras" you get with SharePoint Premium.


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