Seattle, WA

Wednesday 1:50 PM - 3:00 PM · Room 612

Automatically capture information about incoming files in Microsoft 365

Tom Resing

Tom Resing

Content designer @ Microsoft focused on M365

Files are at the core of Microsoft 365. Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents, of course. In addition, all kinds of files, PDFs, pictures, and video are created, shared, viewed, edited, and deleted all day, every day in organizations around the world through the tools and services included as part of their Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

Tom Resing is a member of the SharePoint Premium product engineering team at Microsoft. Every day, Tom thinks about the user experience around files and their properties how content AI does or doesn't empower people to achieve more with files.

Come to this session to get an overview of the how, why, what, when, and where you can get started with automatically capturing information about files as they are added to SharePoint, including when they're added in conversations in Teams channels.

Note that the majority of this talk relates to the new SharePoint Premium offering. However, Tom will demonstrate how you can get started for very little cost and explain scenarios that might provide immediate value to your organization.


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