Seattle, WA

Wednesday 1:50 PM - 3:00 PM · Room 607

Elevating Your Experience: Improving Findability and Knowledge Discovery in Microsoft 365 and ShareP

Susan Hanley

Susan Hanley

Information Architect/Business Analyst

In today's fast-paced business environment, quick and easy access to knowledge is critical for success. Unfortunately, many organizations and people struggle with finding and accessing information within their intranets.

In this session, we’ll review several different strategies to improve findability in Microsoft 365 – from simple tips to help users be more successful with search to more strategic approaches for intranet navigation and structure using home sites and hubs, information delivery with Viva Connections, improving knowledge management with Viva Topics and Viva Engage, and how Copilot can help.

You will learn practical and actionable tips and tricks that you can implement immediately as you evolve your employee experiences.


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