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Establish a Data Protection Strategy with Microsoft Purview

Antonio Maio

Antonio Maio

Protiviti - Managing Director & Enterprise Architect

Data Protection is top of mind for all organizations that work with sensitive information. As those organizations move into the Microsoft Cloud and adopt Cloud services faster and faster, establishing a strong data protection strategy is critical to protecting the information that your business runs on and preventing threats from both external attackers and insiders.

Whether you're concerned about unstructured or structured data, risks from accidental or malicious data leaks, external threats, ransomware, external sharing, or any combination of these, having a Data Protection Strategy that protects your data no matter where it lives is a critical part of that strategy.

Microsoft Purview provides robust capabilities for protecting that data, both in the cloud, on-premises or shared externally and understanding those capabilities is an important part of rolling out controls to protect your information.

Join Antonio as he shares important considerations for establishing a Data Protection strategy for your organization and learn how you can use the extensive features of Microsoft Purview to protect your critical business information.


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