Seattle, WA

Wednesday 11:30 AM - 12:40 PM · Room 602:603

How to Avoid AI Disasters: Copilot, Data Security, and Unintended Consequences

Treb Gatte

Treb Gatte

Marquee Insights, make better, faster decisions with smarter data.

Say your company rushes in the coming months to implement a Copilot over their Intranet. An employee asks the Copilot, "How much does my co-worker make?" How will it answer?

This scenario becomes plausible as Copilot is connected to data sources for Q&A activities. If the data related to pay, layoffs, and other sensitive topics is accessible by the AI, it's possible that an employee could get an answer to their question. You should take great care before connecting it to your own internal data.

Unfortunately hearing GPT, AI and Machine Learning terms thrown about like doubloons at a Mardi Gras parade in the news is giving many organizations FOMO. We'll discuss what you should know before you jump in.

In this session, we'll address:

  • What are these technologies and how they will impact you
  • How can these technologies be used in your organization
  • Data and security considerations
  • Preparing for unintended consequences

Join us to learn about this brave new world and how you could apply it in your own work.


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