Seattle, WA

Tuesday 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM · Room 609

Ultimate guide to administering M365 and Teams

Max Fritz

Max Fritz

Microsoft Product Manager

Michelle Gilbert

Michelle Gilbert

Principal Cloud Solution Architect, M365 Copilot, Microsoft

Are you an admin who's been administering M365 for years? Or are you brand new to the admin role? Either way, there will be something for you in this workshop!

We will be taking a deep look into the administration of M365 and some of its services, with a heavy focus on Teams, using the admin center, PowerShell, Graph, and more. Expect deep explainers on what different switches really do, and practical advice on how to configure things appropriately for your organization.

We will spend time in this workshop setting up automations together and sharing real world examples of how to make your job easier.


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