Washington, D.C.

Tuesday 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM · Room 151b

Modernize Your Intranet in Less than 4 hours!

Daniel Glenn

Daniel Glenn

Microsoft MVP

To fully utilize the new features in Microsoft 365, you need an intranet that employs the new modern tools. Most organizations do not have the budget for another intranet implementation that may take months or years, and ultimately not be up to date. So how do you implement the new modern features faster, while also having little downtime and gaining the best of what Microsoft has to offer?

During this workshop, we will walk through how to take your current intranet to the modern version your users need.

Using live demos and plans, you will learn:

  • Plan for and implement Viva Connections & Viva Engage
  • How to modernize your current classic sites
  • Hub site planning and management
  • How to make use of Microsoft 365 Groups for your existing sites
  • The tricks to using 'site swap' and how to get your new modern intranet at the root of your tenant
  • How to make the SharePoint Home site a seamless part of your intranet

Come ready with your laptop to follow along!