Washington, D.C.

Monday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM · Room 154ab

Deploying M365 to Solve Business Problems

Jay Leask

Jay Leask

Microsoft MVP & PMP
Joy Apple

Joy Apple

Microsoft MVP

Microsoft Teams, Exchange Online, Planner, Lists, OneDrive, the Power Platform, Viva (and its 72 modules). Microsoft 365 has stepped away from "deploying SharePoint" and into a full suite of technical capabilities designed to solve any problem. But how do we know what business problems we’re truly being asked to solve?

Now that "ship it and forget it" is off the table (or should be), how do we define successful deployment of M365 capabilities? With a definition of success, how do we ensure that what the business is asking for will actually solve their problems? How do we build mutual respect so the business will listen to our recommendations on how technology can best meet their needs? Do our recommendation work?

We know you are attending a technology conference but if you want the technology to work for you and your organization you must take a Human First approach to deploying Microsoft 365.

Join us for the first day of your conference to explore how to ensure you are solving for the right problems, and then spend the next four days learning how the technology can solve them for you.

During this session Joy and Jay will help you understand why M365 has changed how we deploy technology:

  • Consequences of Shadow IT
  • How IT as a service provides a framework for success
  • How to engage with the business
  • A holistic approach to requirements gathering
  • Defining success
  • Embracing "it's never done" as a good thing

Check out our workshop preview: https://youtu.be/abXmtkuazHY