Washington, D.C.

Monday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM · Room 152a

We’ve Deployed Microsoft Teams… Now What?

Mark Rackley

Mark Rackley

Microsoft MVP
Stephanie Donahue

Stephanie Donahue

Microsoft MVP & RD

Every organization that uses Teams needs an effective long-term strategy. Microsoft Teams is the fastest-growing Microsoft application in history! Most organizations hear this news and immediately go into risk management mode. Who’s already using Teams? Should we stop people from using Teams? Do we need to put provisioning processes in place? What do we do with all this STUFF that gets created whenever someone spins up a new Team? What about SharePoint? It’s possible that more questions arise from a successful Teams deployment than an unsuccessful one! But how should you address your deployment and long-term strategy of Microsoft Teams? How does Teams fit into your overall Modern Workplace vision?

Attend this full-day workshop with Microsoft MVP’s Stephanie Donahue and Mark Rackley from Avanade and:

  • Understand how Teams fits into your overall Microsoft 365 strategy
  • Learn to effectively manage your Teams environment including:
    • Scale
    • Governance
    • Retention
  • Dig into options for customizing Teams to get even more out of your Teams deployment including:
    • bots
    • web parts
    • provisioning
  • Tackle how to train users on best practices and prevent secure information from being accidentally shared
  • Learn what Viva is and why your company should be planning to embrace it to get the most out of your investments in Teams

Microsoft Teams is here, it’s being adopted like crazy, and proper strategy and education is key to making the most of your Microsoft 365 investment.

Check out our workshop preview: https://youtu.be/p4ikBeuodmk