Washington, D.C.

Friday 12:30 PM - 1:40 PM · Room 147b

All that you ever wanted to know about Microsoft 365 learning pathways

Asif Rehmani

Asif Rehmani

Microsoft MVP

Are your employees utilizing Microsoft 365 to the fullest? Do they have the training and support needed to be successful in their job?

Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways is a Microsoft-built solution you can deploy to your tenant, today, for free. It creates an adoption and training center that showcases dynamic, always up-to-date content from Microsoft to support training and adoption for your end users. You can also customize it to fit the exact needs of your organization by incorporating your own training content and highlighting your events.

Come to the session and I will show you how you can deploy and get the best use out of the content from Microsoft 365 learning pathways.