Washington, D.C.

Friday 12:30 PM - 1:40 PM · Room 150a

Convert email/contracts/invoices to actionable data with Microsoft Syntex, Power Automate, Power BI

Treb Gatte

Treb Gatte

Microsoft MVP

This session covers the document understanding functionality of Microsoft Syntex used to process email, contracts, and other unstructured data. We'll also demo the new layout model to process invoices.

According to Forrester, today’s organizations have 72% of their critical information locked away in their Content Estate, scattered amongst PDFs and other unstructured, hard to analyze file formats. Until now, the process to curate this information into analyzable data has been manual, time-consuming, and expensive.

Today, industry leaders are using AI to combine their content information with structured data from the Data Estate to synthesize new business insights and drive innovation faster. Learn how you can use Microsoft’s new applied AI technology to enable this competitive advantage for your company.

Using Microsoft Syntex, Power Automate, and Power BI, you see how to ingest email and convert it to actionable data at scale. You’ll see how to: • Create a document understanding model to locate the relevant patterns withing the document • Attach that model to a SharePoint library • Have Microsoft Syntex extract the data from the documents automatically • Use the new Power BI integration with SharePoint, using your structured data for a holistic analysis. • Use the new Power Automate integration with SharePoint, to automatically trigger business processes