Washington, D.C.

Thursday 2:40 PM - 3:50 PM · Room 152b

Taking Planner to Task! Getting Planner to Work for YOUR Team

John Peluso

John Peluso

Microsoft RD

There’s no shortage of collaborative task management apps out there, but Planner has some good things going for it right off the bat. It’s part of the fabric of Office 365 and that family heritage can present some real benefits, but in the world of task management software, it’s a relative newcomer—so where are the sharp edges and “gotchas” that could ruin your day?

In this session, we’ll explore the good, bad and ugly of Planner and its relationship with Office 365. For example, why is Planner’s integration with M365 Groups both a blessing and a curse? We’ll review several real-world examples and give you the best practices and suggested approaches learned from real teams in the field.