Washington, D.C.

Thursday 1:20 PM - 2:30 PM · Room 152a

Scaling your SharePoint intranet for large organizations

Nick Brattoli

Nick Brattoli

Microsoft MVP & MCT

You've created your "quick and dirty starter intranet," and users and groups are starting to ask for their own SharePoint sites and Teams.

Maybe you work for a conglomerate and want to host multiple brands inside a single Microsoft 365 Tenant. Maybe you've even done a migration from your older SharePoint environment.

No matter the case, scaling out your intranet can become a daunting task with many branching paths.

In this session, join Nick Brattoli as he discusses strategies around scaling your intranet.

He'll talk about topics such as: • Keeping your architecture scalable and secure • Avoiding Sprawl • Adoption recommendations • Admin and site owner tips and tricks