Washington, D.C.

Wednesday 9:50 AM - 11:00 AM · Room 147b

Microsoft Viva + Teams: Remedy Productivity Paranoia

Eric Overfield

Eric Overfield

Microsoft MVP, RD & MCT

The way we work has fundamentally changed, and organizations are clamoring to connect disparate digital tools into an intuitive and holistic digital workspace. Microsoft Viva—Microsoft's employee engagement platform—is becoming the central hub of a successful digital workplace. With nine+ modules spanning four key pillars (Connection, Insight, Purpose, & Growth), understanding the Viva ecosystem can feel daunting.

In this session, Microsoft MVP and Regional Director Eric Overfield breaks down the many modules of Microsoft Viva and shows you how they can bring transparency, efficiency, and productivity to your workforce. Walk away with practical applications to configure and architect your Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Viva-empowered digital workspace.

In this session:

  • Understand each of the current Microsoft Viva modules
  • See how the modules integrate and a day in the life of an employee using Viva
  • Learn successful patterns & practices when rolling out Viva components in your organization