Washington, D.C.

  • Andrew Seabrook

    Senior Collaboration Engineer at Cloudforce

    Cloudforce’s resident Senior Collaboration Engineer, Andrew focuses first and foremost on understanding what work users need to do and how they do it. With that perspective, he has delivered technical solutions to clients that have brought them successfully into the cloud while keeping their data secure; minimizing impact to their critical business processes; and enhancing their ability to pursue both strategic goals and realize tangible enhancements to daily work. With over 10 years of experience providing IT services and consulting, Andrew finds the most joy and purpose in sharing knowledge with others and seeing it have a positive impact. A passionate teacher and technology enabler, he has led dozens of workshops and trainings tailored to provide users at all levels of leadership and technical expertise with the knowledge and confidence to use cloud-based collaboration and communication platforms like Microsoft Teams, Exchange Online, and SharePoint Online to their fullest potential.

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