Washington, D.C.

  • Timothy Boettcher

    Head of North America at MaivenPoint

    By taking complex ideas and communicating them in engaging and realistic ways, I specialize in helping organizations find opportunities to drive true value from digital transformation with their technology investments. In my current role as Head of MaivenPoint, North America, I help bring AvePoint's cutting-edge edTech innovations for teaching and learning in the Cloud to both the Corporate and Education industries alike. A Microsoft Certified Professional with over 20 years in the IT industry (including 15+ years specialized exclusively in leveraging the Microsoft Collaboration and Productivity stack) across APAC and USA, I have been invited to speak at industry events around the world, generating excitement and sharing real-world experiences on transformative digital solutions. Connect with me here: http://timothyb.id.au/ Discover MaivenPoint here: https://www.maivenpoint.com

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